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March small business of the Month

InEssence Virtual Assistance

Meet the Owner

Before the Pandemic forced people to work virtually, Nanette Thelemaque was already doing just that as virtual professional offering business services to small to mid-size companies and organizations. She has clients in all industries and across different states. Nanette began her business while working full-time in 2013. In 2017 once learning her mother’s health was failing, she decided on early retirement to be available to assist in her mother’s care and have the flexibility to grow her company.

In 2020 she has grown her company to include a team of experts in social media, email marketing, marketing automation, and SEO blogging to assist her in servicing her growing clientele.

Nanette’s vision for her company is to be the go-to source for digital and administrative talent for small businesses looking to grow their brand or business in the digital age.

Nanette has over 25 years working for small tech firms in the early days of online video on the internet. Her role has been in Channel Sales to Strategic Alliance Manager. She expanded her experiences working at Houghton Mifflin Publishing in their school division’s marketing department which rounded her knowledge base further.

Nanette has worked closely with the Women of Prince George’s assisting with their digital marketing and administrative needs for 5 years.

At InEssence Virtual Assistance, our mission is to partner and support the growth of small businesses by providing a variety of services that not only allow their business to flourish but their community to benefit from the economic growth of their success.


Professional Experts at the ready to help you grow your business.

Maybe you’ve got a marketing plan but finding it hard to implement

Maybe you don’t have a plan and tired of throwing shining objects against a wall to see what sticks

Maybe daily administrative tasks are keeping you away from revenue-generating activities and important business opportunities

Delegate to Scale up your business

Being overworked, overwhelmed, and stressed is not what grows your business

For small business owners, keeping up is hard to do. You know where you want to be, but trying to do it all is like climbing a daily slippery slope.


overworked family

We bring the fun back in growing your business!

It’s giving you your time back. More time for planning and participating with your family. Less stress and a sense of well-being knowing the work is getting done.

We look forward to our partnership and supporting them as they grow their business