July 2022 Spotlight


July Spotlight: Kenyatta Powers - Rucker

Kenyatta Powers Rucker

Meet Kenyatta Powers - Rucker Chief Information Officer (CIO) | Author | Speaker | Mentor.

First African American Women as CIO

Kenyatta Powers-Rucker is the first African American female to hold the position of Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the Maryland Department of Human Services (DHS).

CIO or Chief investment officer on black block with blurred background

She functions as a senior-level technology executive combining project management, technical expertise, and business proficiency to develop, execute, and manage strategic, statewide technology projects for the Department.

The Taste of Technology

In addition, Kenyatta found Taste of Technology, a program that is designed to expose and provide awareness to the underrepresented youth and women to the different careers, opportunities and role models in Information Technology.

Taste of Technology