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Monica Barnett, Wardrobe Stylist & Personal Brand Expert

Meet the Style Curator

Monica Barnett founded Blueprint for Style in 2008. She is a wardrobe stylist and personal branding expert who works with individuals to solve personal styling conundrums but also conducts professional development seminars and training for businesses focused on 'the power of the first impression'. While based in Washington, D.C., Blueprint for Style works across the country and most recently has started an online school called the style school.

Blueprint for Style is a company but, more importantly, it's a passion....a passion for helping everyday men and women see the world a little bit differently -- through the eyes of someone who has a knowledge of what "beautiful" looks and feels like even if "every day" is a law firm or school office or office building.


Author of The Creatives' Closet

Build Your Brand. Transform Your Closet. Win More Business!

Hailed as the ‘dress for success’ playbook that acknowledges the psychology of style that tells us when we look and feel good, it can change the outcome of our business interactions...a must-read guide for new and seasoned entrepreneurs! Purchase your copy here.

Why Blueprint for Style

Blueprint for Style endeavors to help one individual at a time understand fashion, apply it in their everyday life, and transform all the disparate pieces into something personal that feels and looks fabulous!


About Me

I started styling because I wanted people to feel good and one of the easiest ways to feel good is to look great! Looking good just adds an extra pep in your step and a little more oomph to your allows your theme song to play as you walk into a room.

We look forward to our partnership and supporting Blueprint for Style as the business grows