Trusted Resources

Companies We Trust in Various Industries

Over the years, we’ve carefully curated a list of companies we trust in various industries.  Our clients occasionally ask for our recommendation for a particular service and we gladly share our list.  We recognize such a request indicates you’ve placed your trust in our judgment and we don’t take this responsibility lightly.

The companies we’ve placed on this list have earned our confidence based on our own long-standing relationship with the owners, their moral character, and the quality of their work.  These companies have strong integrity and we highly recommend you consider using their services should the need arise.

Nanette Thelemaque, Owner of InEssence Virtual Assistance
A digital marketing boutique company Marketing concept: Painted blue text PR on Digital Data Paper background with  Scheme Of Hand Drawn Marketing Icons Savanna Mickens, Communications Consultant, Publicist Shantol Coleman, Owner of SynergySource, LLC.
Virtual Events Technical SupportVirtual Assistant
Event Planner
Shantol Coleman, Founder
Synergy Source LLC
(240) 722-8574 Latasha Community Give Back

Latasha Pennant offers pro bono counseling services to a maximum of 5 women for up to 8 sessions. Contact her if interested at